Ramos ENjoys time Off

Sergio Ramos was present in the wedding ceremony of Rene, his sibling, last week. He had made his way into the ceremony with his girlfriend Rubio who has recently become the mother of his child.

Ramos was quite relaxed and happy with his family members there. He has obviously seen a bit of a tough time of late with the Spanish national squad, but, it appears that he has moved on from that disappointment now.

The same day, on his twitter account, Ramos uploaded a snap in which he was with his mum as well as Rene. There was immense happiness on the face of the Real Madrid defender.

The name of the girl with whom Rene got married is Vania Millan. She has been Miss Spain in the past.

Ramos might get married himself pretty soon. There have been rumours that he and Rubio have been planning to become husband-wife officially now after the birth of their little one.

There is a 7-year age difference between Ramos and Rubio. While, the former is only 28 at the moment, the latter is in his mid thirties.

Rubio is a renowned personality in Spain. She has presented a lot of programmes on the Spanish television in the last one decade or so.

The pair of Ramos-Rubio is widely liked in Spain and that’s obvious because both of them look so good together and they care for each other immensely too.

Recently in a television programme, Ramos had sung a romantic song for Rubio and had played the guitar as well after which the TV presenter had got really emotional and couldn’t stop her tears.
She was pleasantly surprised by that sweet gesture of his boyfriend.
Ramos and Rubio have been together since a long time.