Real Madrid is one of the football clubs that has been buzzing around most and the main reason of this is because of the recent historic milestone that the Spanish outfit achieved as they went undefeated for 40 matches.

The team that was finally able to overcome Real Madrid was Sevilla. Both teams locked horns on January 15 and it was Sevilla that surprisingly came out on top.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the opening goal of the match at the 65th minute with a penalty kick and just as Real Madrid appeared to have secured the victory, they conceded 2 goals in the last few minutes of the game.

Sergio Ramos scored an own goal at the 85th minute and StevanJovetic sealed the victory for Sevilla.

Even though Sergio Ramos was one of the major reasons of why Real Madrid lost this match as he scored in his own net, the Spanish defender went on talking about his performance in the game and he believes that it was actually one of his best appearances ever as Ramos said:

“It was one of my best games, I’ve been jeered more than in any other, but I try to ignore it. I try to give my best and I go away pleased with my attitude today. As captain, I felt the affection of my team, of my fans and now it’s time to move on from it. I’m sad about the loss because these were three important points.”

The 30 year old Spanish defender in numerous occasions has rescued victories or even draws for Real Madrid either with a last second header or shot that has managed to salvage points for his team but this time, he was one of the reasons of why Sevilla was able to come out on top. Nonetheless, Ramos still remains being a fans favorite and will probably still remain having a huge fan-base despite his recent blunder.