The preparation is certainly necessary for a player to take part in a match. No matter which sport it is, a player must be fully prepared before walking out there in the playing arena.

But, sometimes, you are forced to think- is this term ‘preparation’ overrated?

There have been instances when certain players have not appeared to be prepared at all to go into the game and yet not only have they participated in the game, they have produced outstanding performances.

People who had been following the build up to the final of the Club World Cup were almost sure that Sergio Ramos would not feature for Real Madrid versus San Lorenzo.

The defender had travelled with the squad to Morocco, but, he had not been seen in the training sessions.

But, came the hour, came the man. Ramos was in the ground ahead of that final game, still hurting by that hammy injury of his. He had the ice-pack on for a while. But, keeping all that aside, he was up for the occasion. He had not done his preparations; still, he was ready to go.

He went out there for Madrid and he proved to be the man for the Whites.

With a breathtaking header in the 37th minute of the match, he took Madrid ahead and it was way too much of a task for Lorenzo to come back thereafter.

Ramos’ celebration after that goal suggested how much he wanted himself to rise to that big occasion.

The 28-year old had shaken the net in the Round of 4 too versus the Mexican club Cruz Azul.
Ramos ended up being named the player of the tournament and deservedly so. For a defender to score two in two; it was remarkable.