Sergio Ramos is on the radar of the English club Manchester City. If the information passed on by the sources close to the club is true, then, Manuel Pellegrini, the man in charge, would be placing an official bid for the 28-year old this winter.
The Sky Blues are planning to offer Ramos an annual salary of about 8 million Pounds to lure him to England. That’s quite an astonishing number.
Chelsea will surely not let City having this deal easily. They will try hard too for the player.
Chelsea had enquired for Ramos the previous winter as well according to the reports which, one can assume, were true as Ramos’ representative had made a claim later on that an English team had come to him with a big offer.
The exact words of the representative in that interview of his are as follows-
“I don’t want to reveal their name, but, I would like to confirm that they’re from England only.”
“Yes, the amount offered was very, very high, but, the player is happy at where he is currently and he is no mood to leave at this point of time. So, I had no choice but to humbly turn the offer down.”
These statements of Ramos’ agent named Rene, who is actually also the Spaniard’s brother, led to the rumours that the unrevealed club was Chelsea.
However, no explanation came from Chelsea’s side on those rumours.
Ramos spent his teenage years at Sevilla learning the soccer skills, but, he did not play much for them. Only at the age of 19, he was possessed by Madrid and he made his name as a World Class defender at Santiago Bernabeu only. He has 415 Madrid caps to his name thus far.