Real Madrid don’t want Kaka to leave on loan. There have been some reports that the Brazilian midfielder might play for AC Milan this season on a loan. But, the authorities of Real Madrid have made it clear that the club doesn’t want to place Kaka on a loan. The manager of the club, Jose Mourinho, said that rather than placing Kaka on a loan, the club would like to sell him.

Kaka joined Real Madrid in 2009. The club signed him for 65 million Euros. The club had a lot of expectations from Kaka, but, the Brazilian superstar hasn’t been able to stand up to the expectations. He has been highly inconsistent in his performances. AC Milan, the old club of Kaka, wants him. But, Massimiliano, the manager of AC Milan, wants to have a look at Kaka during the loan period first.

Meanwhile, the captain of Real Madrid, Iker Casillas, has praised Jose Mourinho a lot. He said that after the appointment of Mourinho as manager, the team has performed brilliantly in the last two seasons. But, at the same time, he said that the team has to improve in some departments to carry on the good performance in the upcoming season. According to the skipper, the upcoming season would be a long one and the players have to maintain their fitness level throughout the season. He said that the team has a number of experienced players and the team has enough potential to win quite a few titles in the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, there have been reports that Real Madrid is interested in buying Lucas Moura, the midfielder of Sao Paulo. The English club, Manchester United, is also interested in Moura. The Manager of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, has already said that he is talking with the authorities of Sao Paulo. So, under these circumstances, it would be interesting to see whether Real Madrid would be able to buy Moura or not.