Sergio Ramos has hailed Andres Iniesta for the impact that he has had on the Spanish team over the years.

Spain has to play its last World Cup qualifying game against Georgia tomorrow at Albacete which is the hometown of Iniesta.

Ramos was talking to the reporters in the pre match press conference. When he was asked about Iniesta and his contributions for the Spanish team, he said, “We are really lucky to have got guys like Andres. He has contributed heavily for the side in the last 6-7 years.”

“Not only is a quality player, he is a fantastic person too and that’s why people love him that much.”

In its previous match against Belarus, Spain had gone with only three defenders and Ramos had to play as a right back rather than a centre back which is his usual position.

When asked about that, the 27 years old Real Madrid player said, “I had to be a bit creative playing in that position against Belarus.”

“If the team wants me to continue playing in that position, I would do that. But, I do think that when we play with four defenders, we look a more balanced side.”

Meanwhile, the Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa who has already played a few matches for the Brazilian national team might feature for Spain now.

When asked about that, Ramos said, “It depends on the manager. We have got nothing to do with it.”

“If he comes here, he would certainly get a warm reception from us. He has got amazing skills and he will make this team stronger; no doubt about that.”

Spain has a great chance of making it to the World Cup finals. They just need one point against Georgia and they will be on their way to Brazil.