Sergio Ramos has told his co players to stay cool on the field. Real Madrid is closer to the League victory. Right now in the League table Barcelona and Real Madrid are going side by side. It is a great opportunity for Madrid to lift the club this year.

At present situation, Madrid is showing good performances on the field. The boys are playing attacking football. Ramos is playing a very important role in the mid field and also in the defending position. Once, Sergio Ramos explained that he can make himself comfortable at any position on the field. He only knows to play good football. This young talent is filled with full of talents.

Ramos has also showed great performances in his national team. He has been on the headlines since Fifa Football World Cup 2010 win of Spain. He said that even in the World Cup he played in the mid field position for Spain. But for quite a number of times he went up to play the role of striker and was success in scoring goals in many occasions.

Madrid manager wants Ramos to play in the defending position. This particular player has no problem in that. But in a recent interview he requested his team mates to keep their cool. He also said that they are very near to the Cup. Any wrong step can lead their team to suffer a loss which cannot be entertained at this point of the season. To continue the winning streak of Madrid, the players have to play a sensible football.

Sergio Ramos also tells his team mate not to loose their temperament on the field. There were recent rumors that Ramos is going to leave Madrid and sign with Arsenal after this season. Ramos clearly said he does not even know about this particular fact.